Insite Mobile Apps

Insite Mobile Apps

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    Saturday, 14 June 2014
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    Mobile App Design Development
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INSITE MOBILE software applications for web and mobile devices are created using a 5 phase development process. The process implemented by INSITE allows us to develop software up to 4x faster, and subsequently 4x less costly in most cases.

The 5 phase process allows INSITE MOBILE to keep the cost of development lower than our competitors.

We do research and development for concepts. Troubleshoot, manage and upgrade existing software, CMS, CRM, PHP, MySQL, websites and iPhone/Android mobile applications.

We design and develop component based systems for integration of web and mobile content.

Components are pre-built for major functionalities like; GPS, messaging, video/audio, streaming and upload, photo galleries, API interrogations & much, much more...

Component based development allows us to choose the absolute best and most advanced coding techniques for major functionality and integrate them into the product you desire. Let's say you want to build an e-commerce shopping cart, video sharing website with social logins, user profiles and messaging that's responsive and easily I repeated with an iPhone and/or Android app. We can design, develop, beta test, and help market it for you.

We can also add and remove components as you desire.

to see an overview of our 5 phases of development

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