What you can expect in our app development process.

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Initial Consultation

  • For $99 we will go over your app ideas and design a plan that works.
  • At $150, we will design a premium logo and color palette with expedited service.
  • We discuss what you are looking for and make suggestions based on your business goals.
  • We make a plan for your app development needs
  • We receive initial payment and begin the phase process.
  • Phase I - Pre-Production

    Market Research
    • Marketing Analysis: We analyze industry trends to identify your target audience to develop an app that fits your business needs.
    • Content Management: We install and configure a content management system which provides an easy-to-use interface for managing your content.
    • App Name: We set up your app name and discuss an app solution that fits your needs.
    • Information: We use the data from marketing analysis to help you continue to build your brand. We can design a logo for you, or update your current logo to help make your app stand out.
    • Primary Design Approval Process: We design 3 logo choices which you select, revise and style to your liking.
    • Project Management: The phases of your project will be governed in project management software such as iRedmine, Google Docs, etc.
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    Phase II - Template Design

    • Design: We design 3 template mock-up images based on your logo and color palette to be approved by you.
    • Development: Using the template we write the ObectiveC and Java language to bring the template to life.
    • Integration: We integrate the mock-up image into your content management system.

    Phase III - Development

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    • Content: We layout content such as about us and other pages that will help customers learn more about your products and/or services.
    • Components: Components give your website its functionality. We develop components include video chat, social networking, blog, analytics, online forms, online auctions, portfolio galleries, calendars and more. They can be installed individually, adding flexibility to your app.
    • Communication: We use the latest apps and technology such as GoToMeeting, Skype, JoinMe, and iChat to stay connected with you during the development process.

    Phase IV - Continued Support & SEO

    • Search Engine Optimization: We work with you to popularize your app.
    • Support: When you need to update your content we will give you the tools to manage your app through a content management system (and the help if you need it.)
    • Feedback: We will tighten up the nuts and bolts of your new website through feedback and user testing.

    Final Review

    • We look over your app with you and discuss final changes.
    • We receive final payment and complete your mobile project.

    How much will it cost and how long will it take?

    It depends on your needs. Most medium-sized business apps take 5-8 weeks to complete.
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